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*Some physicians, insurances and jurisdictions may require an initial consultation prior to a vasectomy

The Vasectomy Institute allows you to choose an experienced vasectomy physician in your area.  We streamline the process with online education.  Depending on the physician, you can schedule a separate consultation or have your vasectomy scheduled for the same day.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is an office procedure that is an effective form of permanent birth control for men.  The vasectomy blocks the tubes in the scrotum from transporting sperm.

Benefits of getting a Vasectomy

There are a number of benefits to getting a vasectomy:

  • The vasectomy has low side effects and is a permanent form of birth control
  • A couple has completed their family
  • To eliminate the financial burden of another child
  • Your partner may have side effects from birth control
  • Your partner may have a medical condition that prevents the use of birth control
  • A female tubal ligation has more risks
  • You may have never wanted children and want to prevent a pregnancy
  • You may have had a divorce and are not interested in having another child


Will I be able to schedule A vasectomy without a consultation ?

In most cases you will be able to schedule your vasectomy without a consultation.  Some physicians may require a consultation prior to your vasectomy. There also may be restrictions with certain insurances or cities/states that require you to be seen by a physician before scheduling.

Prior to your vasectomy you will view our vasectomy video that describes the vasectomy along with risks and benefits.  You will fill out an online health registration, and receive instructions for before and after your vasectomy.  Finally, you can register for tips about your vasectomy that will be sent to your email. 

Do the Vasectomy Institute Physicians take insurance?

The cost of having a baby is much more than having a preventative vasectomy.  Some of the vasectomy physicians have chosen to accept insurance others physicians have decided to be out of network and provide you with a super bill that you can send to your insurance.


The vasectomy Institute physician’s love performing vasectomies. 

When you schedule a vasectomy with another provider you often have no idea of who will be performing your vasectomy.  In many instances you may be randomly placed on the first schedule with an opening. 

We connect you with a provider that is dedicated to performing vasectomies.  All of our providers are interested in providing you with the best experience possible. 

*although we screen our physicians we do not gaurentee specific results, or that the physicians remains certified or credentialed by their medical board or state.  

How Do I prepare for my vasectomy?

The Vasectomy Institute provides you with instructions of how to prepare before and after your vasectomy.   Your particular vasectomy provider may also give you additional information.  We also provide with an educational video that explains the  vasectomy procedure.  Finally, you can sign up for tips that will be sent to your email that will also help to walk you through the process.  


With over a 99% effective rate, a Vasectomy is the #1 form of birth control. Be sure to talk with your specialist post-treatment to ensure maximum recovery for total effectiveness. 
Our Vasectomists at The Vasectomy institute are trained physicians that believe in a comfortable and reliable vasectomy.